How To Use Mail Track In Gmail App?

How To Use Mail Track In Gmail App

Mailtrack is an email tracking extension available for Gmail that can trace your mails for free. Mailtrack lets you know whether the mails you have sent to the recipients have been read or not. Carry out these below-mentioned steps how to use mail track in gmail app.

  • Step : 1 Using Mailtrack, you can conveniently track your mails and get a read receipt.
  • Step : 2 A single tick mark indicates that your mail has been sent to the recipient, but he/she has not opened it yet.
  • Step : 3 A double tick mark indicates that the recipient has opened your mail.
  • Step : 4 So, the bottom line is that you can find out when your mails are opened.

When you make use of Mailtrack in Gmail, you will have the following advantages:

  • Step : 1 You can find out which mails have been read, at what time, and the number of times it has been read.
  • Step : 2 You can put an end to posing questions to your colleagues, asking them if they have read your mails or not.
  • Step : 3 You will be able to filter your mails and classify them as “Read” or “Not Read.”

You have the facility of using two types (versions) of the software-Mailtrack Free and Mailtrack Pro.

  • Step : 1 From the following list, you can be aware of the types of people for whom Mailtrack has been designed:
  • Step : 2 Account managers, entrepreneurs, and people who have direct client relationships
  • Step : 3 Project managers and coordinators
  • Step : 4 Professionals who wish to increase their productivity
  • Step : 5 Freelancers
  • Step : 6 People who are looking for employment
  • Step : 7 Apart from the above types of people for whom Mailtrack has been specially designed, anybody who sends their mails from Gmail has the liberty of using Mailtrack!

Now, let us see how to use Mail track in gmail app on your smartphone (Android):

  • Step : 1 The first step is to install the Mailtrack Add-on on your smartphone.
  • Step : 2 The next step is to open the Gmail app. Now, open any one of the existing mails. It can be a sent or received mail.
  • Step : 3 Once you have opened the mail, scroll down to its bottom.
  • Step : 4 In the section that is named “Available add-ons,” you will be able to see the Mailtrack logo.
  • Step : 5 Now, tap the Mailtrack logo.
  • Step : 6 You will now have the following two options (or facilities):
  • Step : 7 You can send a tracked reply. (Or)
  • Step : 8 You can compose a new tracked mail.
  • Step : 9 You can choose any one of the above two options based on your requirements and then act accordingly.
  • Step : 11By using these steps we can execute how to use Mail track in gmail app.
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