How Will You Send An Email To a Fax Number?

Proceed with the following guidelines on send an email to a fax number

  • Step : 1 First, click the Compose button to write an email message.
  • Step : 2 Next, in the To field, enter the fax number of the recipient followed by the fax provider’s domain.
  • Step : 3 NIf the recipient has an efax account, then add with the fax number.
  • Step : 4 Now, include the message of the actual fax that is required to be attached with the file.
  • Step : 5 Click the Attach file paper clip icon and select the files that have to be attached.
  • Step : 6 Add a cover letter in the conventional fax message while faxing.
  • Step : 7 Now, enter the required message for the cover letter.
  • Step : 8 Next, choose send the final cover letter attachment and click the Send button.
    How Will You Send An Email To a Fax Number
  • Step : 9 The fax will be successfully sent.
  • Step : 10 By using these steps we can execute that send an email to a fax number.
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