Fix: Hubspot Not Receiving Emails

Usually, HubSpot sends notification emails regarding test marketing emails, form submissions, lead revisits, and file exports. Sometimes, HubSpot may not receive emails if there is a problem with the spam filter settings. In such a case, adjust the spam filter settings so that you can ensure that emails are delivered on time without any delay. To troubleshoot the Hubspot Not Receiving Emails issue further, go through the steps given below.

Hubspot Not Receiving Emails

Case 1: HubSpot is not receiving notification emails

  • Step 1:In your HubSpot account, click the  Settings icon on the navigation bar.
  • Hubspot Not Receiving Emails
  • Step 2:Select  Notifications from the left-side panel.
  • Hubspot Not Receiving Emails
  • Step 3:Click any one of the tabs to set the type of notifications you wish to receive.
  • Step 4:Email
  • Step 5:Desktop
  • Step 6:Other apps
  • Step 7:Mobile apps
  • Step 8:Turn on the slider next to Notification Topics.
  • Hubspot Not Receiving Emails
  • Step 9:Also, turn on the slider next to Email below Global Notifications to receive all notification emails to your inbox.
  • Hubspot Not Receiving Emails
  • Step 10:This should fix the problem with your HubSpot account that is not receiving emails.

Case 2: Outlook quarantines HubSpot notification emails

Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 may sometimes quarantine HubSpot notification emails automatically. If this happens, release the quarantined emails. For detailed instructions, go through these steps.

  • Step 1:To begin with, open the  Security & Compliance Center.
  • Step 2:Click on  Threat Management and then select Review à Quarantine.
  • Step 3:Click the Modify columns tab to view the seven columns.
  • Step 4:Sort the results on the available column header.
  • Step 5:Click Save and then select  Set to default.
  • Step 6:Click on Filter to filter the results.
  • Step 7:If you wish to clear the filter, click the Clear button.
  • Step 8:You can click to view the quarantined messages from the displayed list.
  • Step 9:To release messages, select the Report messages to Microsoft for analysis option in the flyout pane.
  • Hubspot Not Receiving Emails
  • Step 10:When you are done, click on Release messages.
  • Hubspot Not Receiving Emails
  • Step 11:You can also remove the messages from quarantine. If any warning message appears while removing the quarantined messages, click the Yes button.
  • Step 12:If HubSpot is still not receiving emails, check your email inbox settings.
  • Step 13:For assistance in resolving the Hubspot Not Receiving Emails issue, contact us by clicking the Call button on this page.
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