Why Hubspot Not Tracking E-mails In Outlook?

Hubspot Not Tracking E-mails In Outlook

This article explains how to resolve the issue if HubSpot is not tracking e-mails in Outlook.HubSpot is one of the marketing services that is used to attract visitors. It comes with features like e-mail tracking. This feature helps in knowing the status of the sent e-mails. That means, by using the e-mail tracking feature, you can know the details such as when the e-mail was received by your recipient, when the email was opened, etc. Let us see why Hubspot Not Tracking E-mails In Outlook

In case Hubspot is not tracking e-mails in Outlook, then scroll down this page to know all the possible solutions to resolve it.

  • Step : 1 Install HubSpot Sale: If you’re encountering this issue on your Windows computer, then make sure that you have installed HubSpot Sales for Windows.
  • Step : 2 Enable the HubSpot sale app: Check if the HubSpot Sales app is enabled on your computer. You can confirm it by checking its icon color. If the HubSpot icon is gray, then it means the app is not enabled. To enable it, locate the HubSpot icon in the taskbar and right-click on it. Choose the Enable Notification option.
  • Step : 3 Select Track e-mail: Compose a new e-mail message. Before clicking the Send button, check whether the Track e-mail option is selected. If not, select it and send the e-mail.
  • Step : 5 Change the text mode: The HubSpot Sale app doesn’t support tracking plain text e-mails. However, you can change the plain text to Rich or HTML text if you wish. To do so, after composing a new e-mail, click on the Format tab. Now, you can select the text type of your desire.
  • Step : 6 Reinstall HubSpot sale: If none of the solutions resolve HubSpot when it is not tracking e-mails in Outlook, reinstall the HubSpot sale add-on.

If a dialog box titled HubSpot Sales Error with the message “Your e-mail can’t be tracked because you’re not logged in” is displayed on the screen, then perform the quick and simple method given below.

Re-sign into the Outlook desktop add-in

  • Step : 1 Go to the inbox section of HubSpot Sales. 
  • Step : 2 Locate and click on the Sign out option. 
  • Step : 3 Now, sign in to the Outlook desktop add-on and check if HubSpot is tracking e-mails in Outlook. 
  • Step : 4 If not, contact us to get remote assistance in resolving this issue. Now we have seen how to fix Hubspot Not Tracking E-mails In Outlook issue.
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