How To Fix iCloud Email Connection To Server Failed?

iCloud Email Connection To Server Failed

If you see the ‘Cannot Get Mail: The connection to the server failed’ error message on your iPhone screen when you try to access your iCloud email messages, proceed with the easy instructions provided below to fix the iCloud email connection to server failed.

Internet connection

  • Step : 1Check your internet connection on your iPhone. To access the iCloud account, the iPhone must have a stable Internet access.

Restarting your iPhone

  • Step : 1Mostly, restarting the iPhone resolves the problem.
  • Step : 2To perform this, you need to hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time.
  • Step : 3Release these buttons once you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • Step : 3Open your mail application and try to access your iCloud email account.
  • Step : 4If the error message persists, continue with the following troubleshooting steps.

Add the iCloud email account again

  • Step : 1First, launch the Settings application on the iPhone and tap the Accounts & Passwords option.
  • Step : 2Select the iCloud email account and tap the Delete Account option.
  • Step : 3Return to the Accounts & Passwords screen and add the iCloud email account by entering its email address and password correctly in the appropriate fields.

Changing the iCloud email account password

  • Step : 1If you cannot open the Mail application on the iPhone, try to change the password by accessing the iCloud email account from a web browser.

Moving emails to a different folder

  • Step : 1Select and open the email message and tap the Move option.
  • Step : 2This will move your emails to a new folder and you can access the email messages from it.

Resetting network settings

  • Step : 1Navigate to the Settings application, select the General option, and tap the Reset option followed by the Reset Network Settings option.
  • Step : 2Provide your passcode correctly and tap the Reset Network Settings option again.
  • Step : 3Restart the iPhone.
  • Step : 4If the error message persists, try factory resetting the iPhone.

If you need a remote assistance to fix the iCloud email connection to server failed. Click the call button available on the screen.

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