Guidance For Iseries Email Troubleshooting

The solutions for the commonly occurring iSeries email problems are listed below.

Iseries Email Troubleshooting
  • SMTP problem analysis
  • Tracking undelivered mail
  • Checking problems with Send MIME Mail (QtmmSendMail) API
  • Checking components journals

Solution 1 - SMTP problem analysis

  • Check if you have all the necessary PTFs.
  • Also, check if all the necessary email servers are running.
  • Navigate to Operations Navigator and go to the iSeries 400 server.

Local domain name

  • Select the Network option followed by the Protocols option.
  • Double-click the TCP/IP option, navigate to the Host Domain Information tab, and verify your domain name.

SMTP retry values

  • Click Network -> Servers -> TCP/IP.
  • Double-click the SMTP option, navigate to the Outbound Mail Retries tab, and set the low SMTP retry value.

User ID and address

  • Select the Users and Groups option followed by the All Users option.
  • Right-click your profile and click Properties.
  • Select the Personal option, navigate to the Mail tab, and verify the address.

Solution 2 - Track undelivered email

  • Enter CRTUSRPRF in the command line to create a new user ID.
  • Next, type the WRKDIRE command in the command line.
  • Enter 1 to include the user to the system distribution directory.
  • The Mail Store and Preferred Address values should be 2 and 3, respectively for iseries email troubleshooting.
  • Select PF19 and enter the SMTP address that you want to use for any POP user.

Solution 3 - QtmmSendMail API

  • Check the following.
  • API call
  • MIME file
  • Mail server framework jobs

Solution 4 - Checking components journals

  • The iSeries server uses various queues and journaling documents. Using these, you can find the reason why the email server is not delivering your email message.
  • The journaling function helps to document the items that are listed here.
  • Transitions
  • Events
  • Tracking and some measurement data
  • To enable journaling, go to Operations Navigator and navigate to iSeries.
  • Click the Network option and select the Servers option followed by the TCP/IP option.
  • Double-click the SMTP option and select the checkbox next to the ‘Enable journal entries’ option.
  • Now, the journaling function has been enabled for iseries email troubleshooting.
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