Solution For Lycos Mail Forgot Password Issue

Lycos Mail Forgot Password

On this page, you’ll find a solution for the LYCOS Mail Forgot Password issue.

Lycos Mail or is an email service that offers important consumer services like news, domains, weather, and more. On June 1st, 2018, Lycos mail stopped providing free email service. Now, it offers only paid services for its user. The plan details of the Lycos Mail are as follows: $4.95 per month, $19.95 per year, and $49.95 per 3 years.

If an email account is not accessed for a while, it is common for anyone to forgot its credentials. Now, if you have forgotten your Lycos mail account’s password, then you can recover it easily. The below section explains how to resolve the Lycos Mail forgot password issue.

Quick, easy, and simple steps to resolve the Lycos Mail Forgot Password issue

To reset your Lycos Mail account, you need a web browser and a stable internet connection. Check if your Lycos Mail account is blocked. If the account is blocked for any security reasons, then unblock it. Contact us if you need remote assistance in unblocking your account.

Step-by-step instructions to reset the Lycos Mail account password

  • On your desktop or laptop, open the default web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.
  • Go to a search engine of your desire. For example, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Navigate to the Lycos Mail account’s login page. Otherwise, type in the search field of the browser.
  • On this page, you could find two fields: Username and Password. Below these two fields, you can find the Forgot password? command, click on it.
    Lycos Mail Forgot Password
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the account reset page titled Reset your password.
  • On this page, enter the name or the e-mail address related to your Lycos Mail account in the given field and click the Reset password button.
    Lycos Mail Reset Password
  • Now, the entered name or e-mail address will be verified by Lycos.
  • If the entered information is correct/valid, then you will receive an email to your email address.
  • On your email account’s inbox folder, look for the email with the subject line “Lycos Mail Password Change.” If you’re unable to find the email in the Inbox folder, then look for it in the Spam or Junk folder.
  • After opening the email, click the link provided on it.
  • Now, the Account Update window will open on your browser.
  • Create a new strong password for your Lycos account and enter it in the New Password and Verify Password fields.
  • After entering the password, click the Reset Password button.
    Lycos Mail Reset New Password
  • Now, your Lycos Mail account password will be recovered successfully.

Congratulations! You have successfully fixed the Lycos Mail Forgot Password issue.

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