Why Magento Not Sending Any Emails?

Magento Not Sending Any Emails

Due to some reasons, Magento might fail to send email messages. The complete solution to troubleshoot this issue is provided on this site.

Usually, there are two methods to send emails in Magento.

  • Step : 1Sending emails using queue
  • Step : 2Sending emails directly

Troubleshoot ‘Magento not sending any emails’ issue:

Solution 1: Check the admin page configuration:

  • Step : 1To check the configuration on the admin page: Tap on System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System -> Mail Sending option.
  • Step : 2Select No for the Disable Email Communications option.

Solution 2: For the emails sent directly:

Try to check server configuration:

Run this command:

“< ?php

Mail (‘you@example.com’, “Test Postfix”, “Test mail from postfix”);


In this command, you@example.com should be your email address. If you never receive any email, then check the server settings.

Check if there are errors in the email sending process:

During the debugging process, insert the code for sending emails in “try{….} catch…” Then print an exception message to understand the causes of the error. The system.log and exception.log files can also be checked.

Solution 3: For emails using queue:

Since it is a cyclical sending, emails using queue have to stay in the place until the cronjob is set up. To check it, use these steps.

Check and set up by SSH:

Open SSH client and input crontab -l. If the cronjob is available and leading to cron.php file or cron.sh, then the result will display as:


linhvb@Linh:~$ crontab -l

*/5 **** /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/cron.php


Type crontab -e to again set up the cronjob. Edit cronjob window displays. Press Ctrl+O to save the fixing content once it is done. Then press Ctrl+X to exit.

Verify and set up using cpanel:

Log into cpanel. Then tap on the icon of Cron jobs.

Verify by waiting for cron to be executed:

Open the cron.php file. Then include the below lines into dispatchEvent section.

“Mage: :dispatchEvent(‘default’);

$log = fopen(_FILE_.’.log’,’a’);

Fwrite ($log, date (“Y-m-d H:i:s”) .PHP_EOL);

Fclose ($log);

After trying all the above solutions, if Magento not sending any emails, get our technical team’s help. Our technical experts will help you troubleshoot this issue.

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