Mail Server Connection Failed

Mail Server Connection Failed

A mail server transfers your emails to and fro over a network. The incoming mail server (IMAP/POP) receives every email from your senders and delivers it to you. Conversely, the outgoing mail server (SMTP) delivers your emails to the appropriate recipients.

If you cannot connect to the email server, the problem might be with your Internet connection, email account, security features, or the device on which you are using the email account. Here are the troubleshooting solutions you can try when your mail server connection fails. Without further ado, let us understand the troubleshooting tips and techniques in detail.

Ensure A Stable Internet Connection

  • Step :1Mail servers require a stable Internet connection to access your emails. If your Internet is not stable, the mail server connection will fail. Therefore, ensure there is no fault with your net connection.
  • Step :2Sometimes, the problem lies with the server. In that case, you need to wait until the problem gets fixed from the server side. Only then can you resolve the “mail server connection failed” issue.

Update Your Browser

  • Step :1Your web browser should be up-to-date to function seamlessly. It may not be compatible with your email account if it is outdated. Therefore, update your browser to the latest version and then check if your problem is rectified.
  • Step :2Trying a different web browser can also fix the mail server connection error.

Restart Your Device

  • Step :1A technical glitch can be handled efficiently with a simple restart. No matter what device you are using, restart it and this can automatically fix the bugs in most scenarios.
  • Step :2If your problem continues, disable the security features on your computer temporarily. The following section will guide you in that regard.

Disable The Security Features

  • Step :1If you have installed any software to protect your online privacy, this software can interfere with your email account’s domain. As a result, the mail server connection fails.
  • Step :2Your computer’s firewall and antivirus software can enhance its security. However, they can impact other applications. Therefore, if the mail server connection has failed due to your security features, disabling them can fix your problem.
  • Step :3In some instances, a temporary glitch with your email account can also lead to mail server connection issues. But, within a few seconds/minutes, the issue will get fixed automatically.

Reinstall The Application

  • Step :1Uninstalling and reinstalling your email application can fix the server issues.
  • Step :2Therefore, uninstall your email client from your computer and reinstall it.
  • Step :3If your email client is outdated, this server error might have occurred due to bugs. Therefore, fix the bugs by updating the email client to the recent version.

Check The Smtp Server Details

  • Step : 1 Setting up your email client with incorrect server credentials will lead to the mail server connection issue.
  • Step : 2 Therefore, navigate to the mail server settings section and ensure they are correct. If you find any mistakes, correct them. Hopefully, this can fix your problem.
  • Step : 3 Sometimes, changing the SMTP port number fixes the mail server connection issue. So, change the port number to 587 or 465 and see if it works.

We hope these troubleshooting solutions have helped you fix the mail server connection issue. If you still cannot get rid of the trouble, get in touch with our technical experts for real-time assistance. Just use the call option provided on this page for the same.

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