How To Migrate From Gmail To Protonmail?

Migrate From Gmail To Protonmail

Are you looking to migrate from Gmail to ProtonMail? Then you have reached the right page to perform it.

ProtonMail not only offers a free end-to-end encrypted email service, but it also allows you to migrate from other email accounts. Transferring the existing emails to ProtonMail is that simple and easy to perform with the help of the Import Assistant app and the Import-Export app.

The Import Assistant app is available on the web beta version of ProtonMail. If you’re using the paid plans of the ProtonMail service, then you can use the Import-Export app. To migrate emails and other details related to your account from Gmail to ProtonMail, first, you need to import an existing message.

Now, let’s see how to migrate from Gmail to ProtonMail using the Import-Export app.

Importing emails

  • Step : 1 Download and install the Import-Export app on your computer.
  • Step : 2 Launch the app and sign in using your ProtonMail account credentials.
  • Step : 3 Choose the email account from which you wish to import.
  • Step : 4 Now, you can see two options in the window Import from account and Import local files.
  • Step : 5 To migrate from Gmail to ProtonMail, choose the Import from account option.
  • Step : 6 Make sure that IMAP access is enabled on your Gmail account.
  • Step : 7 Now, in the Sign in to your Account window, type your Gmail account’s email address and password in the corresponding fields.
  • Step : 8 Similarly, in the Server address and Port fields, type the details of your Gmail account.
  • Step : 9 Click the Next button.
  • Step : 10 Now, a new window will open. In this window, you can select the emails that you wish to import to ProtonMail.
  • Step : 11 Make sure to fill the From and To fields correctly.
  • Step : 12 Click the Import button.
  • Step : 13 Once your Gmail account’s emails are imported, set up email forwarding to complete the process.
  • Step : 14 Setting up Email Forwarding
  • Step : 15 Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Step : 16 Go to the Settings section followed by Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Step : 17 Click the Add a forwarding address option.
  • Step : 18 In the window that opens, type your ProtonMail address.
  • Step : 19 Click Next > Proceed.
  • Step : 20 Now, a confirmation message will be sent to your ProtonMail account.
  • Step : 21 Open the email and click the link attached to it.
  • Step : 22 Perform the on-screen instructions.
  • Step : 23 Once the process is completed, refresh your Google account’s webpage.
  • Step : 24 Now, navigate to the POP/IMAP section. Select Forward a copy of incoming mail > ProtonMail address and click Save Changes.
  • Step : 25 Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to Migrate From Gmail To Protonmail.
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