How To Fix Office 365 Relay Access Denied?

Office 365 Relay Access Denied

The server error ‘Relay Access Denied’ in Outlook 2007 occurs when the Office 365 account’s server settings are misconfigured. It also occurs when SMTP restricts to send emails without authentication and when your email address is marked as spam. To fix the Office 365 relay access denied error on a Windows computer, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step : 1On your computer, launch Outlook 2007 by giving a double-click on the Outlook shortcut icon at the desktop.
  • Step : 2Click the Tools menu and select Accounts from the drop-down list.
  • Step : 3In the pop-up window, click the Email tab and select your account from the displayed list.
  • Step : 4On the POP and IMAP Account Settings screen, verify whether you have configured the correct incoming and outgoing server settings.
  • Step : 5Verify whether the email address and password that you have entered in the Logon Information section are correct.
  • Step : 6Next, click the More Settings button and move to the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Step : 7Ensure that you have selected the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication checkbox.
  • Step : 8Also, check whether you have enabled the Use same settings as my incoming mail server radio button.
  • Step : 9Following that, go to the Advanced tab and enter the server port for a secure connection in the Incoming server field.
  • Step : 10Make sure to check the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) checkbox.
  • Step : 11In the Outgoing server (SMTP) field, enter the port number 465 or 587.
  • Step : 12Select SSL or TLS from the drop-down menu next to Use the following type of encrypted connection.
  • Step : 13Click the OK button.
  • Step : 14Now, you will be redirected to the previous screen.
  • Step : 15Click the More Settings button to verify the configured server settings.
  • Step : 16If the test fails and the office 365 relay access denied error reappears, check the server settings once again.
  • Step : 17Also, make sure that you have disabled the antivirus software on your computer.
  • Step : 18Check if your email server or domain is listed as spam.
  • Step : 19To do so, open the default browser and navigate to any trusted third-party email blacklist checking site.
  • Step : 20Enter your email address in the search panel and click the Blacklist Check button to check if your email has been blacklisted.
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