Optimum Email Settings For Iphone

Optimum Email Settings For Iphone

Are you looking for the Optimum email settings for iPhone? We provide you with the exact email settings and procedure to set up your Optimum email account on your iPhone.

Optimum is known for providing television cables, telephone lines, and other similar services. In addition, Optimum also lets users to communicate with their friends and family through its email platform. Many users are satisfied with their products and services, including email services. And, thus some users prefer to add their Optimum email account to their iPhone. To add the Optimum email account to your iPhone, you just need the correct email settings to send and receive Optimum emails without any problems.

And that’s why we wanted to provide the server settings to make sure you don’t get into trouble. Follow the procedure to set up the Optimum email account on your iPhone.


  • Step :1Go to the iPhone Settings menu.
  • Step :2Find the Mail,Contacts, and Calendars option and tap on it.
  • Mail contacts And Calendars Option
  • Step :3Tap on the Add Account option.
  • The Add Account Option
  • Step :4Select Other.
  • Step :5Tap Add Mail Account and enter the below details.
  • Step :6Name: The name how you want to be known
  • Step :7Email address: Valid Optimum account email address
  • Step :8Password: Optimum account password
  • Step :9Description: What’s on your mind
  • Step :10After entering the details, make sure they are correct and valid. Select Next.
  • Step :11Under incoming mail server, select IMAP and enter the below credentials.
  • Step :12Hostname: mail.optimum.net
  • Step :13Username: Your email address
  • Step :14Password: Optimum email account password
  • Step :15Next, enter the below outgoing mail server information.
  • Step :16Hostname: smtp.optimum.net
  • Step :17Username: Your email address
  • Step :18Password: Optimum email account password
  • Step :19Click Save.
  • Step :20Next, navigate to Settings --> Your Optimum account --> Advanced.
  • Step :21Enter the incoming and outgoing settings.


  • Step :1Use SSL: Yes
  • Step :2Authentication type: Password
  • Step :3Port: 993


  • Step : 1 SSL: Yes
  • Step : 2 Authentication type: Password
  • Step : 3 Port: 465
  • Step : 4 Once you save the settings, you can send and receive emails on your iPhone.

We hope you got the optimum email settings for iPhone. If you have any concerns regarding configuring your email account manually, feel free to ask us.

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