Outlook 365 Not Receiving Emails 2021

Outlook 365 Not Receiving Emails 2021

While using Outlook 365, you expect it to work properly. Sometimes, you might end up with an error. Your Outlook 365 might not receive any email messages due to server issues or inactive network connection. Resolve it by referring to the simple solutions mentioned on this page.

Fixing email delivery issues for your Outlook 365 application:

Before you begin, check whether you have an active Internet connection. If not, get a stable connection now and then see if you are able to receive email messages or not. It is the most basic troubleshooting technique that you need to perform whenever you face trouble while receiving email messages.

  • Step :1 Check your junk folder. In case you are not receiving email messages in your Inbox, they might be sent to your junk folder. So, just go to Action > Junk mail. Now, check whether your email message is in the junk folder or not.
  • Step :2 Secondly, check whether your Inbox is full. Delete the unwanted messages and see if your Outlook application is receiving any email messages or not.

Sometimes, your account might get blocked, and so, you cannot receive any email messages on your Outlook application. Check whether the Outlook application is blocked by someone or not. If it is blocked, report the account and make the necessary changes for getting back your Outlook account.

  • Step :1Talking about someone blocking your Outlook application, just think about whether you might have blocked the person by mistake. If you are unsure, check it. Here’s how to do it.
  • Step :2On the Outlook application, go to Settings.
  • Step :3Select View all Outlook Settings and then select Junk.
  • Step :4Choose Junk email. Now, under the Junk email section, check “Blocked senders and domains.”
  • Step :5Look for the blocked email address. Unblock it and make sure that the Outlook application is actually receiving email messages.

Still not satisfied with the solution? Proceed to the following steps.

  • Step :1 If the Outlook application is not receiving any email messages, check the Outlook server settings. By entering the incorrect server details, you cannot receive an email message from the sender. So, make sure that you enter the server settings correctly.
  • Step :2 By removing the connected accounts from the application, you might receive email messages on the Outlook application. On the Outlook application, go to Accounts and then select Connected Accounts.
  • Step :3 Now, choose Remove accounts that are no longer in use.

That’s it. Implement the solutions mentioned above and ensure that you do not get any mail issues with your Outlook application in the future.

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