How To Fix Outlook Email Notification Sound Not Working?

Outlook Email Notification Sound Not Working

The notification sound in Outlook indicates that you have received a new mail. If you are not able to hear the notification sound, you will miss out on your emails. You need not worry, as we have few simple troubleshooting methods that could get the Outlook email notification sound not working again. 


  • Step : 1 Click the Windows icon at the bottom left corner of the desktop screen.
  • Step : 2 Click the Settings (gear icon) icon on the left pane of the Start option.
  • Step : 3 The Settings window will now open.
  • Step : 4 Select the System option from the left pane. On the right, you have to scroll down and select the Notifications and Actions option.
  • Step : 5 This is when you will see the Microsoft Outlook listed. Make sure all the notifications are enabled for the Outlook email.


  • Step : 1 You can use the Desktop Experience server on your computer to configure the Windows Audio Services.
  • Step : 2 You can have the Windows Audio Services to start up automatically.
  • Step : 3 In the Task Scheduler, go to the file location: Library/ Microsoft/Windows/Multimedia.
  • Step : 4 You will now see the file name SystemSoundsService.
  • Step : 5 Perform a right-click on the SystemSoundsService option and click the Enable button.


  • Step : 1 Setting a new rule in Outlook email notification sound not working you are facing.
  • Step : 2 Open the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Step : 3 Click the Home tab.
  • Step : 4 Click the Email Rules tab and then click New Rule.
  • Step : 5 The Rule window will now open.
  • Step : 6 Click the option Apply rule on the message I receive.
  • Step : 7 You will be allowed to select one of the checkboxes from the list.
  • Step : 8 Click the Proceed button.
  • Step : 9 Select the action as play a sound and then choose the desired sound you want to hear when you receive a message.
  • Step : 10 Select Finish to complete the setup.
  • Step : 11 Restart the Microsoft Outlook application.
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