SOLVED: Pop3 Authentication Failed

POP3 Authentication Failure is a very common error among email applications. To solve the POP3 authentication issue, you can follow the steps that are stated here.  

Pop3 Authentication Failed

Gmail Pop3 Authentication Error

  • Step : 1 Make use of the below-specified solution to rectify this error. 
  • Step : 2 First, sign in to your Gmail account using the credentials. 
  • Step : 3 Navigate to Gmail Settings and select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option. 
  • Step : 4 Highlight the box near the Enable POP for All Mail option and save the changes in the settings. 
  • Step : 5 Check if you have set the incoming mail server port to 995. If not, change it by accessing the Advanced Settings tab. 
  • Step : 6 Navigate to the Servers tab and tick the box near the My Server Requires Authentication option available under the Outgoing Mail Server section. 
  • Step : 7 Finally, make sure you have enabled the This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL) option present under the Advanced tab.

Outlook Pop3 Authentication Failed

  • Step : 1 Disable the two-step authentication and then log out of your account. 
  • Step : 2 Sign in after a few minutes to rectify the error given here. 
  • Step : 3 Sign in with your Microsoft credentials after visiting the Security page. 
  • Step : 4 Choose More Security Options and then go to the Two-step Verification section. 
  • Step : 5 Disable the two-step verification option. Now, you have to log out of your device.
  • Step : 6 To do so, click the Profile icon available in the top-left corner and select the Sign Out option. 
  • Step : 7 Log in using your credentials after a few minutes and check if the error has been resolved. 

Exchange 2016 Pop3 Authentication Failed 

Use the procedure that is stated here to sort out this issue. 

  • Step : 1 First, check the status of the components using the Get-ServerComponentState ServerName command. 
  • Step : 2 Next, check which proxy is the reason behind the inactive status of the component.
  • Step : 3 Type Get-ServerComponentState -Identity ServerName -Component PopProxy).LocalStates and tap the Enter key. 
  • Step : 4 To make it active, type ,Set-ServerComponentState -Identity ServerName -component PopProxy -State Active -requester HealthAPI. 
  • Step : 5 Now log out of Exchange 2016 and sign in after a few minutes to check if the error has been rectified. 

Exchange 2010 Pop3 Authentication Failed

  • Step : 1 Check if you have enabled POP3 for your Exchange account. 
  • Step : 2 Type services.msc in the Run dialog box and tap the Enter button. 
  • Step : 3 Launch the Server Manager window and then select the Services option under the Tools menu. 
  • Step : 4 Choose the Microsoft Exchange POP3 service and tap Action. 
  • Step : 5 Select the Properties option now and then go to the General tab once the Properties window opens. 
  • Step : 6 Set the startup type to automatic. Click the Start option near the Service Status field. 
  • Step : 7 Follow the same steps for the Microsoft Exchange POP3 Properties and Microsoft Exchange POP3 Backend Properties service. 
  • Step : 8 If these solutions do not resolve the error, then go to the account page and select Account Options. 
  • Step : 9 Tick the box near the Do Not Require Kerberos Pre-Authentication option to sort out this problem. 
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