How To Perform Protonmail Backup?

You can swiftly back up your ProtonMail using various methods. Using the Import-Export app makes it quite simple than you think. To know more about the ProtonMail backup using the Import-Export app, follow the quick steps given below.

Protonmail Backup
  • First, you have to download the Import-Export application for ProtonMail. This app is available for the ProtonMail Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime account users.
  • If you are a ProtonMail free user, go to your ProtonMail web app and select Upgrade ProtonMail to get one of the paid plans.
    Upgrade ProtonMail
  • After installing the ProtonMail Import-Export app, launch it on your computer.
  • Click the  Add Account button at the top-right corner and log in to your ProtonMail account with your email address and password.
    Add Account button
    ProtonMail login
  • After logging in to your ProtonMail account, click the Export tab that allows you to back up ProtonMail email messages.
  • Under the Select format of exported email section, select either the MBOX or EML option to export ProtonMail emails.
  • Under Select location of export, click the Browse button and select the emails you wish to save to the computer.
  • After choosing the export location, click the Export button.
    ProtonMail Export
  • Once your ProtonMail Backup has been finished, verify your MBOX files by visiting the specified location.
  • Follow these steps to export emails as a free user:

    • In the ProtonMail web app, open the email you wish to save to your desired location.
    • Select the  Export option from the More drop-down menu.
      ProtonMail Export
    • For the ProtonMail version 4 beta users, the More drop-down menu will be located in the upper-right corner of your email.
      ProtonMail Beta version 4-Export
    • Select a location to save your email on the device and click Save.
    • If you face any problem during the ProtonMail backup, click the Call button available on this page and our technical experts will help you resolve the problem.
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