Reactivate Gmx Account

GMX Mail is one of the world-renowned free email services. It is offered by Global Mail Exchange, Germany. It is also an ad-supported email service. It has a unique webmail system. Using such a system, GMX offers an opportunity for easy and professional communication. GMX is the ideal email solution for small to medium-sized businesses. GMX has the capability to understand its users in a much better way. It is easily and quickly accessible using any computer or device that has a proper Internet connection.

Some of the best features of GMX Mail are outlined here:

  • Step : 1 Secure and easy to use
  • Step : 2 Excellent virus and spam protection features
  • Step : 3 Effective file sharing capabilities
  • Step : 4 Drag and drop facility for all your files and emails
  • Step : 5 An integrated address book
  • Step : 6 Other features like the GMX Mail Collector, Organizer, etc.

On this page, we shall see whether we can reactivate a GMX account or not.

Reactivate Gmx Account

Deleting your GMX account:

If you have been using your GMX account for quite a long time and have reasons to delete it, you can do so easily. Deleting an account means that all of your emails will also be deleted.

Once you have successfully deleted your account, your email address will be completely blocked for 1 year. This blocking of your email address is essential for security reasons. And, nobody will be able to register with your old email address during this period of 1 year.

NOTE: Once your GMX account is deleted, it will be gone forever. You cannot reactivate your account. However, you can create a new GMX account if you wish to do so.

Even though you cannot reactivate your GMX mail account, there is a facility to recover your GMX mail password. Sometimes, you might forget your GMX mail password and you won’t be able to log into your GMX account. In such a case, you can quickly recover your GMX mail password. To do the same, read the next section.

Recovering a GMX Mail password:

In order to recover a GMX Mail account after you have completely forgotten the password, follow these simple steps:

  • Step : 1 On your computer, navigate to the GMX Mail Password Recovery Assistant page.
  • Reactivate Gmx Account
  • Step : 2 In the email address field, type your GMX Mail email address.
  • Step : 3 Now, you need to type in the random letters that are displayed under Verification.
  • Step : 4 Choose the Continue option.
  • Step : 5 There are two options using which you can recover your password.
  • Step : 6 Using a security question
  • Step : 7 Using a secondary email address
  • Step : 8 You can choose between one of the above methods to recover your password. Continue with the on-screen instructions until you reach the page where you are asked for your new GMX Mail password.
  • Step : 9 Here, in the Enter a new password field, type in the desired new GMX Mail password. You have to type the same password in the Re-enter the new password field.
  • Step : 10 Finally, click on the Save New Password button.
  • Step : 11 Now, we have seen that you cannot reactivate your GMX Mail account password. But, we have learned the steps to recover your GMX mail password, if you have forgotten the one you were using before.
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