How Do I Recovery Hotmail Password?

Recovery Hotmail Password

There might be various reasons for recovery Hotmail password. A couple of them are:

  • Step : 1 Somebody has attempted to access your Hotmail account, and the account might have been locked.
  • Step : 2 You might have forgotten your password.

MS Outlook is the official email service provider for the email addresses that end in “” Therefore, we will be using Outlook to recover the Hotmail password.

To recover your lost or forgotten Hotmail password, please follow the instructions given here:

  • Step : 1 On your computer, navigate to the Outlook webmail login page.
  • Step : 2 When you are inside the landing page, you will see the Can’t access your account? link just below the Sign in button. Click this link.
  • Step : 3 A new window will appear. In this window, you will find the Why are you having trouble signing in? message (or question).
  • Step : 4 Below this message , choose the I forget my password option and then click the Next button.
  • Step : 5 In the text box for the Microsoft account field, type in the Hotmail (email) address.
  • Step : 6 Now, for the Captcha verification, type in the correct characters. Click the Next button.
  • Step : 7 It is time to choose your verification option. Below the question, How would you like to get your security code? select your option.
  • Step : 8 Now, the link to your password recovery page will be sent to your mobile or email address --- whatever option you have selected in the previous step.
  • Step : 9 In case you click the I don’t use these anymore option, you should fill out a form for your password retrieval. These details are necessary to verify that you are the owner of the account.
  • Step : 10 After entering all your information, you will find the submission confirmation window. In this window, you will see the Your information has been submitted message.
  • Step : 11 Microsoft will now send you an email that will explain the success of your request.
  • Step : 12 Now, Microsoft will send you an account recovery code. Type in the recovery code in the space provided. Then, click the Use recovery code button.
  • Step : 13 Now, you have to continue with the on-screen instructions to finish your Hotmail password recovery process.
  • Step : 14 We have now seen the steps using which you can recover your lost or forgotten Hotmail password.
  • Step : 15 By using these steps we can excute to recovery hotmail password.
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