Fix: Rediffmail Auto-forward Not Working

Like any other email service provider, Rediffmail also allows its users to send and receive emails. It is fully a web-based email service provider owned by and its company headquartered in Mumbai, India. This is one of the email service providers that have millions of satisfied users in India, and it allows its users to send/receive emails in many Indian languages.

Even if Rediffmail had around 95 million registered users, now most of them have switched to other email service providers like Gmail because of Rediffmail’s poor service. Some people, instead of switching their account completely to other service providers, have configured the auto-forward feature on their Rediffmail account to continue using it. Brother printers supportAuto forwarding is a useful feature that allows you to redirect and respond to your emails from another email account. 

But, the Rediffmail account users have recently found that the auto-forward feature is not working properly. In case you’re also encountering the same issue with your account, then continue reading this page to know how to fix the Rediffmail Auto-forward Not Working issue.

Even if the Auto Forward feature was being used by many Rediffmail users, has stopped providing support to it . Yes!!! You have heard it right. The auto-forward  feature is no more available on Rediffmail. So even if you have enabled and configured the auto-forwarding feature correctly on your account, it will not work as per your expectations. But, why? Rediffmail had to take this decision when it noticed that many people were abusing it. So, when you find that Rediffmail’s auto-forward is not working and try to re-configure the auto-forwarding settings on your account, a screen with the following message will open:

“You have not specified any email address or account to which you would like your email forwarded.”

Rediffmail Auto-forward Not Working

If you wish to continue your mailing operations with the auto-forwarding feature, then better switch to some other email account of your desire and inform your contacts about the same. That means, create a new email account on any other email service provider like Gmail.  After creating your email account successfully, manually send an email to all your contacts asking them to update your new email address. Creating a new account in any email service provider is a simple and easy task to perform. 

What happened to Rediffmail? Are people still using it?

Yes!!! Even if Rediffmail had stopped its auto-forwarding feature, there are still some users using it for their personal mailing needs. Back in 2005 to 2007, the Rediffmail service had lots of users. However, now there is no chance for new users to choose the Rediffmail account. 

Now we have seen how to fix Rediffmail Auto-forward Not Working issue. To know more about the Rediffmail account and its auto-forwarding feature, contact our technical experts by clicking the Call  button provided on this page.

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