How To Redirect Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

Yahoo Mail is one of the most used email services by professionals across the globe, mainly for business purposes. One of the interesting and useful features of Yahoo mail is that you can also redirect your Yahoo emails to Gmail or any other email services using the automatic forwarding feature. To know how to redirect Yahoo mail to Gmail, keep reading the instructions below.

Redirect Yahoo Mail To Gmail
  • On your computer, open the default browser after ensuring that you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Visit the official Yahoo Mail sign-in page and enter your login credentials such as email address and password to access your Yahoo email account.
  • Head to the top-right corner and click the Settings icon (gear symbol).
  • Select More Settings from the drop-down list.
  • Click the Mailboxes tab in the left-side panel.
  • Under the Mailbox list section, select the Yahoo email account you wish to forward.
  • Navigate to the Forwarding section and enter your Gmail email address to which you wish to redirect all your Yahoo emails.
  • If necessary, select the Forward option.
  • Click on Verify after entering your Gmail email address.
  • Next, open a new browser tab and visit the official Gmail sign-in page.
  • Enter your Gmail email address and password to access your email account.
  • You can see a new email from Yahoo to your Gmail inbox. Select the email and confirm that you are the one who forwarded the Yahoo email.
  • Doing email confirmation is very much important to prevent malicious or accidental forwarding.
  • You have now seen how to redirect Yahoo Mail to the Gmail.
  • If you wish, you can cancel the email forwarding anytime by returning to the same Yahoo Mail menu and clicking the Remove button.
  • If you have any difficulties in redirect Yahoo mail to Gmail, click Call on this page. Our best technical support team will help you resolve the problem.
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