How To Schedule Mail in Gmail?

Gmail has an option to schedule emails and send them later you want. On this page, we shall see the steps to Schedule Mail in Gmail.

Schedule Mail in Gmail

Scheduling Gmail from your browser:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Compose the body of the mail.
  • Once you are done with the composing part, you can schedule it.
  • Look for a drop-down arrow next to the send button.
  • Keep the cursor on it and press the arrow.
  • Now, click the option Schedule send.
  • A menu will appear to edit the date and time you would like to send the email.
  • After scheduling the time, select the option Schedule send.
  • A info box will appear at the bottom left corner that says, "Send scheduled for…" 
  • If you want to make changes, then you can click Undo and reschedule it to the email address you want to send.

Scheduling from the Gmail app on your phone or tablet

  • On your Phone, open the Gmail app.
  • Compose the body of your email by the tapping Compose icon at the bottom of the app.
  • After composing the mail, tap the menu on the upper right-hand side.
  • Tap the Schedule send option.
  • A menu will appear and you can edit the date and time you want to prefer to send.

How to update or delete the scheduled email?

  • After scheduling, if you don't want to send the email, you can delete it any time before the scheduled time. 
  • Click on the Scheduled option in the main menu.
  • Select the email you want to delete.
  • Select Cancel send.
  • If you want to update the time or date in the email you scheduled, cancel the email. 
  • The message will be in the draft where you can edit the content of the email and repeat the steps listed above to reschedule it.
  • Now we have seen how to Schedule Mail in Gmail

If you have any doubts about scheduling mail in Gmail, click the Call button.

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