Shared Mailbox Not Appearing In Outlook Mac

Shared Mailbox Not Appearing In Outlook Mac

Is the Shared Mailbox Not Appearing In Outlook Mac? Well, you’re not alone. This problem is faced and resolved by many macOS users like you. We have covered all the possible solutions that you can try to resolve the “shared mailbox not showing in Outlook for Mac” problem on this page.

Shared Mailbox Not Showing Up In Outlook- Let’s Fix It

Update The App

  • Step : 1 There might be so many reasons for this problem to occur. But, in most cases, using an incompatible app version will lead to these kinds of problems.
  • Step : 2 So, initially, check whether you’re using the latest version of Outlook for Mac.
  • Step : 3 If not, update it and check if the Shared Mailbox is showing up on Mac.

Add A Shared Or Delegated Mailbox Manually

If you’re using the Outlook for Mac application that doesn’t support the shared or delegated Mailbox, you need to perform additional steps to open the delegated Mailbox.

  • Step :1Open the Outlook for Mac app.
  • Step :2Go to the Tools menu.
  • Step :3Choose the Accounts option.
  • Step :4Locate the main account that has access to the Mailbox.
  • Step :5Click Delegation and Sharing > Shared With Me > “+.”
  • Step :6Add the delegated Mailbox by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

Give Full Access Permissions

Generally, for the shared Mailbox to appear on your Outlook application, the full access permission must be provided to you by the administrator. Failing to do this can also lead to these kinds of Outlook problems.

If you’re an administrator, follow the instructions below to provide full access permissions to a shared mailbox.

  • Step :1Open the Tools menu on the Outlook for Mac app.
  • Step :2Choose the Accounts option.
  • Choose The Accounts Option
  • Step :3Click on the Plus icon under the Accounts list.
  • Click On The Plus Icon
  • Step :4Now, a dialog box titled “Set Up Your Email” will open.
  • Step :5Type the Shared Mailbox's address in the given field of the dialog box and click the Continue button.
  • Step :6Enter the credentials (to which you wish to provide access) of the account in the fields under the Authentication section.
  • Step :7Save the account details.

Now, check if the Shared Mailbox Not Appearing In Outlook Mac. If not, reach our technical support team now.

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