How Do I Sync Comcast Email With Android?

Sync Comcast Email With Android

Sync Comcast email with Android phone is very easy if you know the Comcast email server settings. The email server settings include Incoming mail server, Outgoing mail server, Incoming server port, and Outgoing server ports.

Refer to the below-mentioned server settings for Comcast email.

  • 1. Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):
  • 2. Incoming Mail Server Secure Port (IMAP): 993
  • 3. Incoming Mail Server (POP):
  • 4. Incoming Mail Server Secure Port (POP): 995
  • 5. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
  • 6. Outgoing Mail Server Secure Port (SMTP): 587
  • 7. Encryption: SSL/TLS

If you wish to set up your Comcast email on your Android, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step : 1On your Android phone, touch the Mail icon on the home screen to launch the Mail app.
  • Step : 2From the displayed list of email service providers, tap the Other button.
  • Step : 3On the Account Setup screen, enter your Comcast email address and its password in the required fields.
  • Step : 4Tap the Sign-in button to verify your account settings automatically.
  • Step : 5Once verified, you can access your Comcast email from the Mail app on your phone.
  • Step : 6If you wish to manually set up your Comcast email account with proper server settings, tap on Manual setup available at the bottom of the Account Setup screen.
  • Step : 7In the Username field, enter your Comcast email address.
  • Step : 8Under the Password tab, enter your Comcast account’s password.
  • Step : 9If you have selected POP as your account type, enter ‘’ in the POP Server field.
  • Step : 10Next, select SSL in the Security type field and enter the port number ‘995’ in the Port field.
  • Step : 11If you have selected IMAP as your account type, enter ‘’ in the IMAP Server field.
  • Step : 12Enter the port number ‘993’ in the Port field and select SSL in the Security type field.
  • Step : 13Make sure that SSL encryption is enabled for your incoming mail server.
  • Step : 14Click the Next button and enter ‘’ in the SMTP server field.
  • Step : 15Enter the port number ‘465’ or ‘587’ in the Port field.
  • Step : 16Select SSL as the Security type.
  • Step : 17Click the Next button and wait for a few minutes to complete the account verification.
  • Step : 18If prompted, enter a new name for your account and tap Done.
  • Step : 19Now, you can Sync Comcast email with Android phone.
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