Thunderbird Cannot Connect To Imap server message

On your Mozilla Thunderbird, there is a default number for the maximum IMAP connections. Generally, this default is set to 5. In some situations, you might see an error message related to the maximum number of IMAP connections follow these below steps Thunderbird Cannot Connect To Imap server message.


Based on the specific IMAP configuration on your server (which hosts your account), you will see this error message. The message that you might see in many cases will be:

“Unable to connect to your IMAP server. You have exceeded the maximum number of connections. If so, use Advanced IMAP Server Settings to reduce the number of cached connections.”

To resolve the issue, you need to reduce the maximum number of connections in Thunderbird. To achieve this, follow the instructions given here:

  • Step : 1 Navigate to the Edit menu. Go to Account Settings.
  • Step : 2 Under your email account for which you have to modify the settings, choose Server Settings.
  • Step : 3 Now, select Advanced.
  • Step : 4 If the Maximum Number of server connections to cache has been set to 5, change it to 1.
  • Step : 5 When you complete the steps mentioned above, you will find that you have resolved the problem in Thunderbird cannot connect to Imap server.
  • Step : 6 You will no longer see the Unable to connect to your IMAP server message.
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