How To Use Thunderbird Email Spam Filter?

In this section you will learn about thunderbird email spam filter in detail. Email inboxes are constantly bombarded with spam emails. These spam emails not only occupy the email bandwidth; but also bring up a lot of malicious threats to the mail users. Spam filters will terminate unwanted suspicious spam emails from entering your primary mailbox. Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the free email clients available on the web with a built-in spam filter. However, you can even make use of third-party software to keep your inbox free from spam messages.

Thunderbird uses external classifiers like Spam Assassin, bogo filter, DSPAM, and POP File to identify the spam emails. However, users can exclude emails from the personal address book and mark them as spam.


  • Step : 1 First, launch the Thunderbird application on your device.
  • Step : 2 Click the Menu icon.
  • Step : 3 Go to Options and land on the Account Settings page.
  • Thunderbird Email Spam Filter
  • Step : 4 Click on the Junk Settings tab.
  • Step : 5 Make sure that you check the Enable adaptive junk mail control for this account option.
  • Thunderbird Email Spam Filter
  • Step : 6 Check the Trust junk mail headers set by (select your preferred classifier) option.
  • Thunderbird Email Spam Filter
  • Step : 7 Once you have made the required changes, click the OK button to save the changes.
  • Step : 8 It is also possible to create more advanced filters that use several rules and actions. However, this facility is only recommended for advanced users or those who are willing to invest time in learning how to use them.
  • Step : 9 In addition to employing a thunderbird email spam filer, Mozilla Thunderbird blocks individual email addresses and domains.


We have listed some of the most well-known third-party spam filters available on the web. You can check them out.

  • Step : 1 Comodo Dome Anti-spam.
  • Step : 2 Mail Washer.
  • Step : 3 SPAM Fighter.

Use the above simple steps to enable the Thunderbird email spam filter and have a hassle-free experience with your Thunderbird account.

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