Fix: Thunderbird Filters Not Working

Thunderbird is a free email client that helps you access emails for your personal and office work purposes. Mozilla provides it, and the tool helps you manage your personal information, calendar, data management, etc. The filters in Thunderbird enable you to classify and organize the messages or emails according to the group. It will help the user search for any messages easily and quickly. A common problem that many users face is that the Thunderbird filters are not working. It occurs due to some technical issues. Let us see how to fix the issue of the Thunderbird filters not working.

Steps to fix Thunderbird filters not working

Check on the settings

Make sure that the server settings are proper. If there is any issue that involves server problems, it will result in an error in the functioning of the Thunderbird filters.

  • Step : 1 Go to your Thunderbird account and select Settings.
  • Step : 2 Choose Server settings from the list and click on the Advanced option.
  • Step : 3 Make sure that Inbox is provided on the IMAP server directory type.
  • Step : 4 Choose Show only subscribed folders and ensure that the Server supports folder that contains subfolders and messages option is checked.
  • Step : 5 Select OK and make sure that the above process works.

Check for the Update

If the error persists, make sure that Thunderbird is updated. If not, then update it now. Using an outdated version of the software may result in such errors that increase your workload.

If the problem persists even after updating Thunderbird, move on to the next solution given here. These steps can be used if you are using Thunderbird on a Windows computer. Sometimes, if the Windows operating system is outdated, Thunderbird might not work as expected. So, follow these steps to perform a Windows update.

  • Step : 1 Turn on your Windows PC and make sure that it is connected to the Internet.
  • Step : 2 Go to your computer’s Start menu and search for the Windows update in the search bar.
  • Step : 3 Select the Windows update and choose the Check for updates option.
Thunderbird filters not working
  • Step : 1 You need to check whether there is any update available for Windows. If yes, then click on Update and wait until the update process gets completed.
  • Step : 2 Now, restart the PC and access Thunderbird.
  • Step : 3 Make sure that the Thunderbird filters start working now.
  • Now we have seen how to fix the issue of the Thunderbird filters not working.

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