Thunderbird Imap Folders Not Showing The Application

If the Thunderbird Imap folders not showing the application, go through the simple steps given below to resolve this issue easily.

thunderbird imap folders not showing
  • Step : 1 If the IMAP folder is not opening for the first time in the Thunderbird application, close the application, and wait for a while.
  • Step : 2 After that, launch the Thunderbird application and try to open the IMAP folder.
  • Step : 3 If the issue seems to be unresolved, check if your Thunderbird application is up-to-date.
  • Step : 4 If not, update the Thunderbird application to the latest version and then try to launch the IMAP folder.
  • Step : 5 The Thunderbird application you are using is up-to-date, and if the IMAP folder is still not showing up, then perform the steps given below.
  • Step : 6 Launch the Thunderbird application.
  • Step : 7 Locate and click the Tools tab and select the Account Settings option.
  • Step : 8 Choose your email address and click the Server Settings option.
  • Step : 9 On the Server Settings screen, click the Advanced button.
  • Step : 10 Now, the Advanced Account Settings dialog box will appear on the screen.
  • Step : 11 Enter the INBOX command in the IMAP server directory text field.
  • Step : 12 Make sure to enable the Allow server to override these namespaces option by clicking the checkbox beside it.
  • Step : 13 Click the OK button.
  • Step : 14 Now, close and restart the Thunderbird application.
  • Step : 15 Open the IMAP folder and check if the issue has been resolved.
  • Step : 16 If not, click the Call button available on this screen to get remote assistance in thunderbird Imap folders not showing the application resolving this issue.
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