How To Turn Emails Into Tasks Outlook?

Turn Emails Into Tasks Outlook

You can change your emails into tasks in the Outlook email client, which will be helpful when you receive a lot of work or assignment emails. Adding the emails to the task list helps you maintain the to-do list without much effort and easily follow the action plan. Also, you can set a reminder for the task and alarm for when to start/complete the work. Learn how to turn emails into tasks Outlook from the following steps.

Turn Outlook email to task:

  • Step : 1Launch the Outlook application on your computer and find the Tasks folder on the left navigation panel.
  • Step : 2Find the email which you have to convert into a task and then click and drag the email to the Task folder using the mouse.
  • Step : 3Following that, the Task window will appear with the email message as the task.
  • Step : 4Now, you can change the subject of the task, set the start and due dates for completing the task.
  • Step : 5Also, you can enter the status and set the priority order. 
  • Step : 6If you want Outlook to remind you about the task, tick the checkbox beside Reminder.
  • Step : 7After completing the task settings, click the Save & Close button to save it.

Turn Outlook email to a task with attachment:

  • Step : 1On the main screen of Outlook, right-click the email you want to convert into a task and choose Copy Here as Task with Attachment.
  • Step : 2Now, the email itself will become an attachment in the Task window.
  • Step : 3When you open the attachment in the task file, it will direct you to the original email.
  • Step : 4Configure the task settings such as Subject, Start date, Due date, Status, and Priority. Also, set the reminder for the task.
  • Step : 5Save the task by clicking Save & Close at the top.

If you need a remote assistance to turn emails into tasks Outlook. Click the call button available on the screen.

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