Fix: Unable to print emails from Windows 10 mail app

The Windows 10 Mail app is an inbuilt email client application that comes along with Calendar. Rather than using any other email client, you can use the Mail app for its better performance. However, you might face some issues with this app. When you try to print emails from the Mail app, it will show errors and you won’t be able to print. If you are unable to print emails from Windows 10 mail app, try to resolve the problems by following some simple methods.

Unable to print emails from Windows 10 mail app

Solution 1: Reinstall Windows 10 Mail app


First, uninstall the Mail app using a power shell and reinstall it from the Microsoft store. Since it is an inbuilt app, you have to uninstall using power shell.

  • Step : 1 Open Start and type Windows Powershell in the search bar.
  • Step : 2 Right-click on Windows PowerShell from the search result and select the Run as administrator option.
  • Step : 3 Now, type the below-mentioned command in the PowerShell window.
  • Step : 4 Get-AppxPackage
  • Step : 5 Microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps | Remove-AppxPackage
  • Step : 6 Now, press Enter after entering the command.
  • Step : 7 Restart your computer.

Now again, reinstall the Mail app on your computer using the steps given here.

  • Step : 1 Open Microsoft Store.
  • Step : 2 Look for "Mail and Calendar" and click on it.
  • Step : 3 Now, click install.
  • Step : 4 Download the Mail app
  • Step : 5 Continue as prompted and finish the setup.

Now you have to check and see if you can print emails from the Mail app.

Solution 2: Update your Mail app


Sometimes the problem occurs due to the older version of the app. Check for the latest updates in the Windows Store.

  • Step : 1 Open -> Start ->Microsoft Store.
  • Step : 2 On the Downloads and updates page, choose the Get updates option.

Solution 3: Different user account profile


Create a new user account on your computer and check if you could print from the Mail app.

  • Step : 1 Open-> start ->Go to the settings.
  • Step : 2 Selects Accounts from the Windows Settings.
  • Step : 3 Next, the Your info page will display. Click on the entry "Family and other people."
  • Step : 4 The Family & other people page displays some options. Select "Add someone else to this PC," which is next to the + sign.
  • Step : 5 Enter a new user name and password. Your new account will be created.
  • Step : 6 Click on "Change Account Type" and select "local."
  • Step : 7 Restart your computer.

Log in to your computer using the new account and access the Mail app. Now, try to print an email. If this works, there is a problem with your old account.

If you are unable to print emails from Windows 10 mail app, click the Call button available on this web page to get remote assistance.

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