Unable To Receive Emails In Gmail

Unable To Receive Emails In Gmail

“Is your Gmail account not receiving new emails?”

Well, this is one of the most common problems faced by many Gmail account users, and it occurs due to many reasons like:

  • Step : 1 No or unstable internet connection
  • Step : 2 Server outage
  • Step : 3 Insufficient account storage
  • Step : 4 Antivirus or firewall
  • Step : 5 Gmail filter settings
  • Step : 6 Using an incompatible browser, etc.

Even if this Gmail problem occurs because of so many reasons, you can resolve it with our simple troubleshooting guide.

Resolving “gmail Not Receiving Emails”

Best And Quick Solution

Try these quick and simple solutions to fix the Gmail not receiving emails issue.

Connect The Device To The Internet

  • Step :1In most cases, no or unstable internet connection will be the main cause behind these kinds of mail problems.
  • Step :2So, as the first step of troubleshooting, check whether the device (on which you’re facing the Gmail problem) is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step :3If not, get a stable connection and then refresh the Inbox folder in your Gmail account.

Try After A While

  • Step :1“Server outage” occurs at any time in Gmail.
  • Step :2Check if the Google services are online.
  • Step :3If not, wait for the issue to be fixed from the Gmail service provider’s side.
  • Step :4If yes, try the other troubleshooting solution given below.

Disable Antivirus Or Firewall

  • Step :1In some cases, the antivirus or firewall app or setting enabled on your device or network can also stop the Gmail service from receiving (also sending) new emails.
  • Step :2Temporarily disable the security app or setting enabled on your device and then refresh the Inbox folder on your account.

Request The Sender To Resend

Gmail will not send or receive emails from/to an invalid, inactive, or wrong email address.

  • Step :1Request your sender to check whether your email address is typed correctly.
  • Step :2If not, share your address via Call or text message and ask him/her to resend the same email message

Now, check if you’re able to receive emails. If you’re unable to receive emails in Gmail again, try the advanced troubleshooting method given below.

Advanced Method

Use A Different Browser

  • Step :1If you’re unable to receive emails in Gmail via web browser, check whether the browser is up-to-date.
  • Step :2Update the browser if it is outdated.
  • Step :3Try to access your Gmail account in a different browser if the existing one is incompatible or facing a problem.

Select “report Not Spam”

  • Step :1Some Gmail filters can automatically transfer the incoming emails to a different folder other than Inbox.
  • Step :2Check the Spam and other folders for the missing email.
  • Step :3If you find the missing email in Spam, locate and click the Report not spam button on the same screen to move it to the Inbox folder.
  • Click The Report Not Spam Button

Free Up Gmail Space

  • Step :1The Gmail service might face problems in receiving emails if there is no free space available.
  • Step :2Check and free up Gmail space by following the instructions below.
  • Step :3Sign in to Google Drive using your Gmail account.
  • Step :4Locate the Gmail service icon and check the available storage space of Gmail.
  • Step :5If it has reached the 15GB storage space, this is the time to free up space.
  • Step :6Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Step :7Choose the unwanted or old emails and delete them.
  • Step :8Also, empty the trash folder in your Gmail account.
  • Step :9To do so, click on the Trash option followed by the Empty Trash Now command.
  • Click On The Trash Option
    The Empty Trash Now Command

Now, check if you’re unable to receive emails in gmail. If the problem persists, contact us.

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