Why That The Outlook Can Not Connect To Outgoing Smtp Server

Outlook Can Not Connect To Outgoing Smtp Server

Are you encountering the error message "Outlook cannot connect to outgoing (SMTP) server" while accessing your emails from Outlook? Don't worry; some effective solutions can help you handle this problem in the best way possible. Implement all the solutions listed in this article and see if you can fix this error message.

Check Your Internet Connection

  • Step :1Before implementing the troubleshooting solutions, you should check whether any fault is there with your Internet or server.
  • Step :2Your Internet connection should be stable to send and receive emails. In case you find any problem with your Internet, take the necessary steps to get rid of the trouble.
  • Step :3When your email server is down, it cannot connect to the outgoing SMTP server. In that case, you can’t do anything other than waiting until the problem gets fixed on its own.
  • Step :4If you don't find any issue with your Internet and server, proceed with the following solutions.

Check Outlook Configuration

If you configure your email account in Outlook with incorrect credentials, the SMTP server error is more likely to occur. Even a misspelled server name can lead to connectivity issues. Therefore, navigate to the server settings section and check if you have updated the right details. If you locate any mistake, correct it and ensure your trouble is fixed.

  • Step :1Open the Outlook application.
  • Step :2Hit the File menu at the top-left corner and select Account Settings.
  • Step :3Ensure you have configured the server name correctly. Click the More Settings button and check the My outgoing server requires authentication box.
  • Step :4Click the Advanced tab and ensure the outgoing port number is 465/587.
  • Step :5Finally, test the settings; this should probably work for you.

Disable Your Computer's Firewall And Antivirus Software

  • Step : 1 Although firewall and antivirus software are security barriers that protect you from malicious attacks and hacks, these security features can impact the functionality of other applications.
  • Step : 2 Third-party firewall and antivirus software on your computer can block the connection to a certain IP address, and this could be a potential reason behind your SMTP server issue.
  • Step : 3 So, disable your computer's firewall and antivirus software (temporarily). Then check if you can connect to the mail server.
  • Step : 4 Some Internet Service Providers block traffic via port 25 to minimize spam emails. This might have resulted in the error message. So, try to use 465/587 for the SMTP port and see if it can fix the problem.

These are some effective solutions to handle the "Outlook cannot connect to outgoing SMTP server" error message. If you still cannot get rid of the trouble, reach our technical experts for real-time assistance using the call option on this page.

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