How To Do Xerox Scan To Email Setup?

Xerox Scan To Email Setup

Almost all multi-functional printers support the “scan to email” feature. This feature enables you to scan a document or photo from your printer and save its copy as an email attachment or send it directly to an email address. This page will show you How To Do Xerox Scan To Email Setup? WorkForce printer.

Setting up “Scan to Email” in Xerox

Configuring the “Scan to Email” setting on the Xerox printer is straightforward. The entire setup process includes five simple and quick steps. Perform the following steps in order to complete the "Xerox Scan to Email setup" process.

Before you begin the setup, gather the following details:

  • Step : 1 Your Xerox WorkForce printer’s IP address
  • Step : 2 Default admin credentials of the printer
  • Step : 3 SMTP connection and DNS settings

Configuring the SMTP Server Settings

  • Step :1Open a web browser (Safari, Chrome) on your PC or laptop.
  • Step :2Type the Xerox printer’s IP address in the search field.
  • Step :3Tap Enter.
  • Step :4Now, the CenterWare Internet Service page will open.
  • Step :5Go to the Properties tab.
  • Step :6Sign in to the system admin account if prompted.
  • Step :7Now, go to the Service tab.
  • Step :8Select Email > Setup.
  • Step :9Locate the SMTP option and click the Edit command line beside it.
  • Step :10Now, the SMTP (email) setup window will open.
  • Step :11Click on the Required Information tab.
  • Step :12Select the “Specify SMTP Server manually” option followed by Host Name.
  • Step :13Enter your Gmail account’s SMTP server settings, such as the hostname and port number, in the corresponding fields.
  • Step :14In the Device Email Address field, type your Gmail email address.
  • Step :15Click Apply > Save.
Click Apply Save

Configuring the SMTP Authentication Settings

  • Step :1Click on the SMTP Authentication tab in the SMTP setup window.
  • Step :2Go to the User Jobs section.
  • Step :3Click on the System option.
  • Step :4Type your Gmail address in the Login Name field.
  • Step :5Similarly, enter the other asked details in the given fields and save them.
Click On The Smtp Authentication

Configuring the SMTP Connection Encryption Settings

  • Step :1Go to the Connection Encryption tab.
  • Step :2Enable the security setting as per your needs and save it.
The Connection Encryption Tab

Configuring the DNS Settings

  • Step :1Return to the Properties tab.
  • Step :2Select the Connectivity option followed by Setup.
  • Step :3Now, locate the Wired Connection or Xerox Wireless Network Interface option and click the Edit command beside it.
  • Step :4Locate the IP address and click the Edit command beside it.
  • Step :5Locate DNS and click Show DNS Settings beside it.
  • Step :6Enter your network’s DNS in the given fields.
  • Step :7Finally, click Apply > Save.

Testing the SMTP Configuration Settings

  • Step :1Open the SMTP (email) setup window.
  • Step :2Go to the Test Configuration tab.
  • Step :3Type the receiver’s email address in the To Address field.
  • Step :4Send a test email to check whether the Xerox Scan to Email setup is done correctly.
  • Step :5The Xerox Scan to Email setup is done correctly if the receiver gets the test email. Otherwise, re-perform the same process.

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