How To Troubleshoot Xtra email problems?

Xtra email problems

Xtra Mail is a web-based email service and you can access it from an email client application or a web browser. Due to some reasons, the Xtra Mail email account will create issues while you use it. Use these effective instructions on this site to troubleshoot the Xtra email problems.


Solution 1: Check the mail server settings:

The email server settings may be incorrect. If the issue is with sending and receiving the emails, then verify the email server settings.

  • Step : 1 Open the email application on your PC. Then go to the Account settings of the Xtra email account. Now, troubleshoot the Xtra email problems.
  • Step : 2 Make sure that the configured incoming and outgoing mail server settings are correct.
  • Step : 3 If you are unsure of this, then reconfigure the email server settings. Save the reconfigured settings and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Try to use another browser:

    Check if the issue could be fixed by changing the browser. Try to log in from a different web browser. Otherwise, if the log in issue is occurring with the third-party email application, then try to sign in from the web browser.

Solution 3: Try updating the system software:

Update the system software if you are using the PC’s built-in email application such as Outlook, Mac Mail, and Windows Mail to access the Xtra email account.

Solution 4: Try to delete and re-add the account:

After trying the above solutions, if the Xtra email problems persist, then try removing and re-adding the email account.

  • Step : 1 Close the email application. Then relaunch it.
  • Step : 2 Re-create the email account and configure the mail settings. Check if doing this fixes the Xtra email problems.
  • Step : 3 If the problem could not be fixed, contact us by clicking the Call button. Our technical team will quickly troubleshoot the Xtra email issues.
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