What are the Yahoo email server error?

You may receive Yahoo email server error during different instances while using your account, and some common email server errors are given below.

Yahoo mail server errors
  • Step : 1 Temporary error 14 causes the email account not to respond properly. It is a server-based problem, so wait for some time. Most of the time, the problem gets resolved by itself.
  • Step : 2 Temporary error 15 makes the email operations to slow down or the email application to freeze. This issue will be solved automatically, if not, appropriate actions have to be taken.
  • Step : 3 Another popular error is ‘Connection to the server failed,’ which occurs while using an email client to handle the Yahoo email account.
  • Step : 4 For SMTP error codes, each code number indicates the cause for the error. The most common error codes are 4xx and 5xx.
  • Step : 5When using the Yahoo mail service from any mobile device, the ‘Network connection failure’ error occurs. This issue can be due to the insecure connections.
  • Step : 6The error ‘All messages from x.x.x.x permanently deferred’ occurs in the Yahoo email server. This error occurs when large-sized emails are sent from an IP address (x.x.x.x).
  • Step : 7While sending emails, if the sender’s email servers do not accept emails, the Yahoo email servers can reject the emails.
  • Step : 8 The Yahoo email servers can reject the email address of the sender. This causes the error ‘server rejected the sender’s email address’.
  • Step : 9 By using the steps we can find the yahoo email server error easily.

Why Yahoo email error connection to the server failed?

The possible reasons for the server connection to fail are listed below:

  • Step : 1The improper user settings can lead to irregular authentication errors that, in turn, causes the email server failure.
  • Step : 2If the incoming and outgoing email servers get disconnected, or any one of the servers gets disconnected, the email server connection fails.
  • Step : 3The improper network connection between the email client and email provider can cause an email server connection to fail.
  • Step : 4Sometimes, the email provider’s configuration settings do not favor the mail server settings that causes email server connection to fail.

What is Yahoo email server error message?

The Yahoo email server errors can be solved by following the steps.

  • Step : 1 The email account resolves the temporary error 14 and 15 by itself, wait for some time. In case the error persists, try signing out and then signing in to your Yahoo email service. Restart your browser and then again sign in.
  • Step : 2 The SMTP error codes of 4xx series occurs when there is a temporary network issue while sending emails. You can try sending the email again after 4 hours.
  • Step : 3 If the SMTP error codes of 421 are displayed, then check your server settings or review the outgoing email contents. 
  • Step : 4 If SMTP error codes of 451 are shown, inspect your mailing list and recheck your policies.
  • Step : 5 The SMTP error codes for 5xx when emails do not get delivered due to a permanent issue. So, do not try to resend the email; instead, contact your administrator.
  • Step : 6 To solve the network connection failure problem, try to update the email server settings, and some old browser versions do not support a secure connection. So update your browser as well.
  • Step : 7 By utilize this steps we can find the yahoo email server error easily.

What are the android email server error Yahoo?

Certain email server errors that occur in the android device are given below.

  • Step : 1 The network connection can fail on Android devices if you are using an older version of the Android operating system. So update to the latest version on your device. 
  • Step : 2 Remove your account from the email settings and try adding your account again. 
  • Step : 3 Some old browsers do not support proper connection; to resolve this update, the new browser version, which supports a good connection.
  • Step : 4 Make sure the incoming and outgoing server settings are correctly configured on your mobile app.
  • Step : 5 By using the steps we can find the yahoo email server error easily.

How to fix incoming server error with Yahoo email?

The actions that need to be taken for incoming email server errors with Yahoo mail are given below.

  • Step :1 Remove the account and re-add it.
  • Step :2 Check if the incoming server settings for POP or IMAP, login, and outgoing server details are correct.
  • Step :3 Make sure the ports (995,487 or 587) are not blocked since the Internet Service Provider can block the ports to avoid spamming.
  • Step :4 You can use Telnet to verify your server connectivity. The following steps will help you test ports:
  • Step : 5 Control Panel --> Programs --> turn Windows features on or off.
  • Step : 6 Mark the Telnet Client box and then click the OK button.
  • Step : 7 If you receive the result ‘Connection refused,’ then your ISP has blocked the port. Get the port unblocked by your ISP or use an alternate port.
  • Step : 8 By using the steps we can find the yahoo email server error easily.

How to configure Yahoo email incoming server error in Thunderbird email?

To configure the Yahoo incoming email server with Thunderbird email.

  • Step :1 Open the Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • Step :2 Under the panel, select Create new account and click Email.
  • Step :3 The Welcome to Thunderbird dialog box appears, select ‘Skip this and use my existing email.’
  • Step :4 Enter your name, email address, and password for account setup and click continue. 
  • Step :5 Next, select the required server and choose Done or if you want to set the settings manually then input the below information:

Incoming email server (POP):

Server address: pop.mail.yahoo.com

Port: 995

Need SSL: yes

Need authentication - yes

Incoming email server (IMAP)

Server imap.mail.yahoo.com

Port: 993

Need SSL: Yes

Need authentication - Yes

Login Details:

Email address- (name@domain.com)

Password- (********)

Need authentication- Yes

Outgoing email server (SMTP)

Server address: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Port: 465 or 587

Need SSL/TLS: Yes

Need Authentication: Yes

Finally, click Done. After finding the yahoo email server error.

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