Why Yahoo Mail Not Logging In?

Yahoo Mail is widely used by millions of users all around the world. But sometimes, users may encounter a problem in logging into Yahoo Mail. In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix Yahoo Mail Not Logging In issue.

Solution 1: Fixing the Password and Yahoo ID problem

  • Ensure that you’ve entered the correct password and email address while logging into Yahoo Mail.
  • You can use the Sign-in Helper to find your Yahoo ID. It regains your Yahoo Mail account access by entering the recovery phone number or any alternative email address.
  • Yahoo Mail Not Logging In

    If you have forgotten your password or Yahoo ID, try the instructions given below:

  • Reset the password and create a strong, easy password to avoid sign-in issues.
  • Select Forgot Password at the bottom of the sign-in page.
  • Select any one of the options available to verify your account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After completing the procedure, you can change your Yahoo Mail password, and it is best to create a strong email password.
  • You can also select the Check your autofill settings option to identify your password.

Solution 2: Fixing the Invalid ID or Password error

  • If the Password and Yahoo ID you entered do not match when you try to log in to Yahoo Mail, you’ll receive an error message indicating an Invalid ID or Password.
  • Verify whether the Caps Lock is on or not while typing the Password or Yahoo ID.
  • If you’ve changed the password, update the browser’s autofill settings if you’ve allowed the browser to remember passwords.
  • Using the Sign-in Helper, you can get back your old account if any unauthorized party had changed your password.
  • Yahoo Mail Not Logging In

Solution 3: The Sign-in page reloads repeatedly

Yahoo Mail Not Logging In
  • If the sign-in page reloads, click Not you?
  • Enter the Yahoo ID and password again.
  • Click Sign-in. Check if the login problem is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Clear all the cookies and Caches

    While logging in to Yahoo Mail, users encounter various cookie-related problems that prevent them from logging in. If you are stuck by the same issue,

  • Click the More icon at the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail sign-in page.
  • Click More Tools and then select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select All time.
  • Select the Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files checkboxes.
  • Yahoo Mail Not Logging In
  • Finally, click Clear Data.

These are the reliable solutions you can try if you are not able to log into Yahoo Mail. Now we have seen how to fix Yahoo Mail Not Logging In issue.

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