Yahoo Mail Settings For Outlook Application

Yahoo Mail Settings For Outlook

The Yahoo mail is one of the earliest email clients that came into common usage and is now considered to be the third largest email platform.  You can transform your Yahoo account professionally into the Outlook application, which provides an even more stable environment and also lets you work offline. Outlook allows you to have multiple accounts.

Carry out the steps to configure yahoo mail settings for outlook.

  • Step : 1 The first step in using Yahoo settings in Outlook is to enable POP and IMAP in Yahoo.
  • Step : 2 Log in to your Yahoo account using the login credentials.
  • Step : 3 Navigate to the account option on the right side of the screen and click on the Account Info option.
  • Step : 4 On the left side, click on the Account security option and locate the option that reads Allow apps that use less secure sign-in and makes sure the slider option is turned to green.
  • Step : 5 If you have the two-factor authentication enabled for your Yahoo account, you can create a new password for gaining access to Yahoo from a different application.
  • Step : 6 An App password pop-up appears with a drop-down list; select Outlook and click the Generate button.
  • Step : 7 Once the password is generated, click the Done button.
  • Step : 8 Now, you can configure Yahoo settings in Outlook.

Automatic Connection

  • Step : 1 Log in to your Outlook account and click on the info tab on the left.
  • Step : 2 Click on the Add Account button with the + sign.
  • Step : 3 You will see Outlook open a new window. Enter the Yahoo account in the given field and hit the Connect button.
  • Step : 4 The IMAP Account settings will open and prompt you to enter the account password. Enter the password and click Connect.
  • Step : 5 Your IMAP Yahoo account will be successfully added to Outlook application.
  • Step : 6 By using these steps to configure Yahoo mail settings for outlook.

Manual connection

  • Step : 1 Once you enter the Yahoo email id in the Outlook application, click on the Advanced Settings option.
  • Step : 2
  • Step : 3 In the Advanced setup window, select the IMAP option.
  • Step : 4 The IMAP settings window will now open,
  • Step : 5 For incoming mail settings,
  • Step : 6 server name:
  • Step : 7 Port number: 993
  • Step : 8 Encryption Method: SSL/TLS
  • Step : 9
  • Step : 10 For Outgoing mail settings:
  • Step : 11 Outgoing mail server:
  • Step : 12 Port Number: 465
  • Step : 13 Encryption: SSL/TLS 
  • Step : 14 Click the Next button.
  • Step : 15 Enter the Login password for the Yahoo account and click the Connect button.
  • Step : 16 Follow the above steps carefully and make sure to enter the proper incoming and outgoing mail server to configure Yahoo Mail Settings For Outlook.
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