How To Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15?

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15

You get many unique features in Yahoo Mail, which cannot be obtained in other emailing services. Yahoo Mail offers many interesting, user-friendly features, and this is one reason why so many people are using it.

As with any emailing service, users face some issues now and then while using Yahoo Mail also. Among all the issues associated with Yahoo Mail, the error with code 15 is the most commonly occurring one, and users are often stumped when they encounter this error.

Yahoo Mail error 15 is a temporary issue, and many times, it gets resolved automatically. However, there are some incidences when the error becomes more complicated and troublesome. Therefore, it would be better to look into the problem earlier and try to fix it before it brings further complications.

Reasons behind the Yahoo Mail temporary error 15:

The Yahoo Mail Temporary error 15, although a temporary one, prevents the user from accessing his/her Yahoo mail account. It is also capable of slowing down your system and can affect other files opened on it. There could be several reasons for the occurrence of this error, and some of them are listed here:

  • Step : 1Too many programs are running simultaneously
  • Step : 2The registry might be corrupted
  • Step : 3RAM declination
  • Step : 4One or more of the system files could have been improperly configured
  • Step : 5Any unwanted software installation
  • Step : 6Fragmented files might also be the reason

Once we have nailed the cause behind the error 15, we can quickly resolve it. Now, let us look into some techniques using which you can fix the error:

Just like the Yahoo Mail error 19, the error with code 15 can also be resolved by restarting your system. But this is only a temporary solution. If you have to solve the problem permanently, you can try the following tactics: (You have to follow the steps given here in order).

  • Step : 1First, you have to log out of your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Step : 2Next, check whether the web browser you are currently using is compatible with Yahoo Mail. Also, confirm that the operating system you are currently using supports Yahoo Mail.
  • Step : 3Now, clear all the cache and cookies from your web browser’s history.
  • Step : 4You can now close the browser.
  • Step : 5Please wait for a few seconds and open your browser again.
  • Step : 6Now, please make use of your credentials and sign in to your Yahoo Mail account once more.

The tips listed above should help fix the Yahoo Mail temporary error 15. We have now discussed the Yahoo Mail temporary error 15, the reasons behind it, and some steps to fix it.

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