If you have asked Yahoo to delete your account, or you have deleted your Yahoo account unintentionally, or someone has deleted your Yahoo account without your knowledge, your Yahoo account will be disabled. But, you need not worry at all. If your Yahoo account was deleted in the last 40 days, you could reactivate it in no time. However, if you haven’t used your Yahoo account for the past 12 months or violated Yahoo’s terms of service, you cannot reactivate your Yahoo account at any cost. Even Yahoo cannot help you out in this regard. But, if your Yahoo account meets the conditions mentioned above, you can reactivate your Yahoo account. Let us see how to Reactivate Your Yahoo Mail Account.

Reactivate your Yahoo account

How to Reactivate Your Yahoo Mail Account
  • Step : 1 On your computer, go to the Sign-in helper of Yahoo.
  • Step : 2 In the Email address or phone number field, enter your Yahoo ID or Yahoo email address and click on the Continue button.
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  • Step : 3 Yahoo will ask you a few questions to verify the account’s ownership. Once you prove your identity by answering all the questions correctly, it will show you the ‘Success’ message that signifies your account has been reactivated. As you are now signed in to your Yahoo account, you can use it immediately.
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  • Step : 4 If someone has deleted your account, you could protect your account by changing the password.
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After the reactivation

  • Step : 1 All the data of your Yahoo account may no longer be available after the reactivation. It includes your emails and contacts.
  • Step : 2 Moreover, if someone has sent an email to your Yahoo account after the account was deleted, the respective email would be reverted back to that sender, and you cannot retrieve that email.
  • Step : 3 Now we have learned how to Reactivate Your Yahoo Mail Account.
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