Yandex Mail Captcha Problem

Yandex Mail Captcha Problem

A captcha is a simple test that enables you to prove that you are a human. It protects you from spam and password decryption. However, in some instances, this captcha creates a problem while signing in to an account. If you encounter the same trouble with Yandex, try out the troubleshooting methods provided in this article and ensure that your problem is fixed.

Look Into The Fundamentals

  • Step :1To verify the captcha, your computer should be connected to a stable Internet connection. Therefore, ensure that there is no fault with your Internet.
  • Step :2Confirm that you have enabled the image loading feature in your browser, failing which you cannot verify the captcha.
  • Step :3You can opt for audio if you cannot verify the captcha. If possible, try a different captcha.
  • Step :4If you find no fault with the above aspects, proceed to the following troubleshooting solutions.

Try A Different Browser

  • Step :1If your browser is outdated, you may encounter multiple issues, and one of them can be this captcha problem. Therefore, update your browser to the recent version and then see if your problem is rectified.
  • Step :2In some cases, the real problem lies with your browser and not its version. It is because Yandex may not be compatible with all the browsers. Therefore, try a different browser and see if your issue is fixed.

Disable The Extensions, Plugins, And Your Browser’s Security Features

  • Step : 1 If you can locate the Yandex logo but not the captcha, the problem exists with your browser’s plugins or extensions. In most instances, removing the plugins and extensions can rectify the problem in the best way possible.
  • Step : 2 Although antivirus software and firewall enhance the security features of your computer, they can impact the proper functioning of other applications. Therefore, temporarily disable your computer’s firewall and antivirus software and check if you can verify the captcha in Yandex without any trouble.

The above are some effective solutions to handle the captcha problem in Yandex mail. If you still cannot get rid of the trouble, get in touch with our expert team for real-time assistance. You can do that by utilizing the call option on this page.

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