SMTP and Zoho IMAP settings

The incoming and outgoing server details of SMTP and Zoho IMAP settings are given below for your reference.

Zoho Imap and Smtp Settings

Incoming Server Details

  • Incoming server name (IMAP) - (personal accounts) or (organization accounts)
  • Port for IMAP - 993
  • The SSL protocol should be enabled for a secure server connection.
  • User Name - (personal accounts) or (organization accounts)

Outgoing Server Details

  • Outgoing server name (SMTP) -
  • Port for SMTP: 465 for SSL-enabled protocol (or) 587 for TLS-enabled protocol.
  • Either of these protocols should be enabled to establish an encrypted server connection.

Below are the instructions to know how to configure your SMTP and Zoho IMAP settings on Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Step 1 - Enable the IMAP Access feature

  • Step : 1 Access the Zoho Mail account using the Zoho email address and its password.
  • Step : 2 Go to Mail Accounts, select the Configure IMAP option and navigate to the IMAP section.
  • Step : 3 Select the checkbox next to the IMAP Access option.
  • Step : 4 If required, checkmark the box beside the Auto-Expunge Mails option.
  • Step : 5 Make sure to configure the folder settings by clicking the Launch Folder Settings link.

Step 2 - Configuring the Zoho Mail Account on Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • Step 1: On Microsoft Outlook 2013, select File -> Add Account -> Manual setup or additional server types -> Next -> POP or IMAP -> Next.
  • Step 2: Type your display name in the Your Name field and enter your Zoho email address in the Email address field.
  • Step 3: After selecting the IMAP protocol from the Account Type drop-down menu, complete the Incoming Server and Outgoing Server fields with the correct server information.
  • Step 4: Type the Zoho email address again in the User Name field, and its password should be entered correctly in the Password field.
  • Step 5: To configure the remaining server settings, click the More Settings button. This will display the Internet E-mail Settings window on the screen.
  • Step 5: By using zoho mail we can configure that SMTP and Zoho IMAP settings.

Outgoing Server

  • Select My outgoing server requires authentication -> Use same settings as my incoming server.


  • Provide valid information in the Incoming Server and Outgoing Server fields.
  • Once done will all the server settings, click the OK button.
  • Click the Test Account Settings button, check if the Competed message is shown in the Status section, and click the Close button.
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