How To Fix Zoho Mail Error 553?

Zoho Mail is both a secure and trusted email solution. It has been specially designed for the communication needs of an organization. Zoho Mail is also popular for its enhanced collaboration features. Despite such exceptional properties, users tend to face some issues while working on Zoho Mail. On this page, we shall discuss the Zoho Mail Error 553 in detail.

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Many people complain that they come across the error message “553 Relaying disallowed” on Zoho Mail.

It would be helpful if we understand the terms “email relay” here. It is the process of transferring an email message from the source server to the destination server. Thus, the email is “delivered” or “relayed” to the destination server.

This “553 Relaying disallowed” error message usually pops up under the following circumstances:

Scenario 1:

There is a chance that the From address you are trying to add on your SMTP client is actually not listed in the Send Mail As section in Zoho Mail.

But there is a solution to fix this problem. Ensure that the email address you are attempting to use is one of the From addresses available in your Send Mail As section.

However, if you are sure that the From address is listed in the Send Mail As section, there might be another reason for you to encounter the Zoho Mail Error 553. This is explained in the next scenario.

Scenario 2:

  • Step : 1The error might also pop up when the Outgoing server Requires Authentication option is disabled in your SMTP client. So, make sure that this option is chosen for Zoho Mail in your SMTP client.
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  • Step : 2Now, the error message should not appear since you have resolved the current issue on Zoho Mail. Thus, you have successfully fixed the Zoho Mail Error 553.
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